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November 17th, Comfort

The first time around: Wine. Bed. Bath. Yoga. Therapy. Ethan. Show tunes. AdoptionSTAR. Soft clothes. Whiskey. Friends. Sick days. Books. Pizza. Cousins. Cooking shows. Running. Shopping. Laughing. Crying. Writing. Hibernating.

And this time around, R. More R and less whiskey. I hope as the season of waiting begins again (we’re almost there) I can find comfort each time I look at my son knowing that it all will unfold exactly as it should.

Yesterday when I scooped him from day care I heard Ms. Lauren scream, “R, mommy is here!” The joy that washed over me, that I am his mommy, can still feel as new as it did on March 17th, 2015 when I officially became mama. It was a delight to hear and a reminder of the honor that I was chosen to be his mama. Every “mama” I hear will bring me comfort as the wait for the newest member of our family begins. Xx


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