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Chess pieces with one a different color.

Let's Take Action!

Because love is an act of courage, not of fear, love is a commitment to others. - Freire

If anything I've shared has sparked a shift in you, I want to hear more, and I'm here to help you take action towards change.

If you are interested in bringing adoption education into your home, school, or workplace, let me know and I'm here to help. We can work together to develop tools and curriculum to educate about adoption language, themes, and promote inclusivity of all types of families. 

If you are a white mother with white children and you have questions about how to talk about race with your children, let me know. I work with many mothers to scaffold anti racism work into their parenting. We work on real, tangible actions to allow you to learn right along with your child.


Send me a message and lets get to work! Xx

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