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Still Waiting

This morning a mom I know from the neighborhood stopped me and said, “you know I think about you every time I walk by your building. I think how exciting, how wonderful, how nerve wracking, how…….hard waiting must be.”

It’s a wonderful thing to feel seen during this season of waiting. 7 months and counting…..we’re all okay. Xx

and to R….only now as we all wait for our newest family am I able to see with clarity what I couldn’t see while I waited for you….

I wanted YOU from the moment we began the adoption process. I wanted YOU with every form, document, phone call, financial statement. I wanted YOU before I knew who YOU were. On our way to each other there was deep heartache. There were moments of thinking I knew who was meant to be YOU I was wrong.

From the first moment of thinking about becoming a mother, it was always YOU. It was always you, you, you. YOU who comes with a deep rich story that was written before we met. Before I knew you. YOU who I thought would mean one thing- but oh no, you turned my idea of love and trust and faith and patience into something far deeper and wider than I knew possible. You are exactly you and I am me and papa is ours and together we are a family. But our family is not done. We will grow by more. And YOU my boy are part of the waiting and part of this glorious horrendous just as it’s meant to be waiting game. Xx


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