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November 23rd, Myths

Here’s what I started to write- Some myths: you don’t have to be married to adopt, same sex couples can adopt, single people can adopt, you don’t need to own your apartment, you don’t even need a separate bedroom for infant adoption, you don’t need to be under a certain age, you don’t need to be debt free….

Then my morning was interrupted by a text exchange.

It was R’s birth mom wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving. We texted about our children, and expressed mutual gratitude for one another. My heart is so full as I reflect with gratitude on my life and on the complexities of adoption. It is a myth that mothers don’t want a relationship with their child’s birth family. It’s a myth that birth families and adoptive families go their separate ways when a child is placed. It is a myth that R’s birth mom will quietly recede into the wings and back to her own separate life. It is a myth that I would ever want her to.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours- Love, us


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