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November 22nd, Journey

What a word to think on as Ethan and I celebrate 8 years of marriage today.

Happy Anniversary EVA. Oh what a journey it has been with my fella. Who would have thunk that 21 years ago when I saw him standing on a chair singing in HS that we would be married and that he would be the father of my child? Soon(ish) he’ll be father of my children?! That is bananas.

The adoption journey is deeply personal. Each of us on our own journey as we journeyed together. There is no one else on this planet I could have gone on this a journey with. No one. Ethan is my travel buddy in more ways than one. From Ireland, to Italy, and many states and countries in between, boy have we journeyed and adventured. Nothing compares to the journey of adoption.

The last few years have been relentless. Moving across the country, new jobs, 2 home purchases, graduate school, loss of family members, and then somewhere in there…we began the adoption process. Good lord. We have been tired. We have felt highs and we have felt deep lows. The journey has of course been different for both of us- but we have walked together through it all. Sometimes hand in hand. Sometimes one of us a few steps ahead of the other. Sometimes one of us pushing the other forward. Sometimes I questioned if we were in fact on the same road. But we always found our way back to one other and walked perfectly in step towards our child. I think a lot about marriages and adoption. I think about couples who come to the decision to adopt at different times. The adoption process put a tremendous amount of stress on our marriage- both emotionally and financially. But as the journey unfolded- we always found our way back to laughter. Laughing through the tears and the hurt and the nerves and the unknown- but always laughing. After 8 years of marriage and being on this adoption journey- I would marry Ethan again and again and, if we could I would adopt again and again and again.

Ethan James Van Auken- Thank God for you. Thank you for marrying me. Really. You and R are my favorite humans. Okay….deep breaths as year number 8 will bring closer to our next child. Let the journey continue….oh Happy Day!


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