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November 11th, Courage

Entering into an open adoption. Committing to an open adoption. That takes courage. I was scared, I didn’t understand, I had NO idea. I bravely walked forward. I was scared of who she would be. I was scared of not getting to be mom. These things are still present but I walk forward with courage for R.

I think of the courage of R’s birth mom carrying a child through her world for 9 months and then returning to that world no longer pregnant and with no child. The courage of answering those questions. That takes far more courage than me answering questions.

I think of the courage of both of us-first mother and mother who enter into this trifecta of adoption. Both wanting openness. Not knowing one another but making a commitment to each other and to their child. The courage to love right along with the fear, anxiety, and unknown.

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